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First-class crafts individuals and civil contractors are our areas of expertise.


Our design crew knows about what exactly the end product should be and how we’re going to achieve this. We accept civil work services in Pune on residential, retail, and industrial spaces, and our interest in an element makes each project a successful one.


Civil works involve demolition, disposal of waste, and production.


Our contractors confirm that those are achieved with minimal disturbance to the residence.


At Onyx Interiors, we inspire your participation at each stage of the task and value your inputs. Because each project, in particular, given that excellence is our purpose. Our superior finishes, designs, and service make sure that your interiors create a buzz! 


Our quality and dedication towards the work makes us provide one of the best civil services in Pune


We give consultation on the client’s indoor civil work requirements, along with proper costing & realistic work schedules. Onyx interiors make sure that all work to be carried out properly with all necessary checklists & quality lines.