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There is the reason why Onyx Interiors offers the best interior decor service in Pune. Because it handles Decor as a different vertical and consults not just its interior design clienteles but also others. From interior designing to home furniture, you name it, and we have it. Our interior design services are meant to be flexible enough so that you can find your ideal home Interior.

Living Room Decor

Good living room designs have a couple of things in common. They are pleasant, fashionable and in shape in with the flavor and character of the individuals who use it. You can have infinite opportunities and thoughts to decorate your living room decor, but you want to start with the simple question: What do you need to apply it for?

It may be an area for social gatherings or an area to watch TV together inside the evening. Or also can be used as an eating space when a room separator is applied. So, before shopping for furniture for the dwelling room, it’s miles important to attend to the practical needs.

What are the modern living room ideas?

Even though the modern-day design was born in the early 20th century, it seems like it’s literally by no means going to go out of favor. Whether traditionally cutting-edge or mid-century present day, the comfortable lined, pure aesthetic is ready as sublime as it can get. You ought to pass complete-on traditional with it or update with some modern-day accents. 

2.TV Unit

An entertaining unit is an integral part of your private home, as this is wherein you get to spend first-class time with your relatives. A wall TV unit has extra shelving spaces and glass cabinets so that it will shop cloth or display your prestigious antique pieces. An amusement unit also can devour a variety of areas. 

The length of your TV set also performs a critical part in this calculation. If you don’t purchase an excellent quality timber television stand, then the digital system inner it played at high volume might also reason the glass cupboards on the shelves to rattle. Plus, all of the digital gadgets on your amusement middle need the right ventilation vents without which the devices may be damaged. Choose from a wide range of fashionable, modern-day, colonial, Indian ethnic and eclectic Tv unit & cabinet designs.


With our vast selection, finding the exact sofa design that suits your unique sense of style isn’t always only a fairy story. Pick your style, pick your comfort, choose your material, or leather, we make it easy. We solely order AMERICAN MADE upholstery because the proper production and substances will add years of enjoyment to your fixtures.

If you’d like the freedom to exchange up your couch to suit your mood and desires, modular sofas are just the aspect you are searching out. They can cross from a 3- furniture set to a sofa mattress to sectional surely without problems.

Dining Area Design

For many humans, the dining room is their focus. The place that they amuse visitors and proportion their own family meals. Because of its significance to the home, it’s vital to get the layout of any dining room precisely proper. 

An elegant dining room decor pays close attention to the distance available. When you are attempting to focus the entire dining area design, which includes tables and chairs, lights, and storage cabinets, the area is a prime consideration. Exceptional dining table designs additionally display perfect concord. Everything works together, from the ceiling light fixtures to the floors, to the partitions. However, it’s important to note that everyone’s tastes will range. There is not anyone best dining room, merely a countless form of interior design that suits the passions of the people they serve.

You might be captivated by designing a modular dining room, but where should you search for data and inspiration? Onyx Interiors offers a new manner to find out today’s indoor layout tendencies, allowing anyone to choose the right designs. Browse through the Onyx interior on-line catalog that is grouped around specific styles and the rooms of the house. When you find a model that conjures up you, actually file it within the smooth to use Idea book and shop it for later consideration while you come to finalize your design. 

Pooja Room

Pooja Unit designs are an important part of a home in today’s apartment plans. No separate provisions are created for a pooja room. We need to be innovative about where and how to fit in the pooja room, also keeping the budget in mind. If the floor plans are more extensive, it can be housed. It can be as small as 3’ x 3’ and go up to 6’ x 5’. The preferred floor is vitrified tiles or granite as these are stain-resistant.

A pooja mandir is a private preference. It can be as easy as a single shelf at the wall to a problematic room filled with decorative elements.

Bedroom Interiors


 Are you looking for a modern bedroom design? 

We offer from modern sleigh beds to platform beds to Murphy beds. The focus of every modern bedroom is a statement piece bed. Picture a sizeable contemporary sleigh bed framed by sleek modern nightstands topped by modern decorative and handy lighting.

Onyx Interiors is your go-to place for modern and contemporary bedroom decoration. We have a wide range of beds that spans the current design spectrum with offerings from the modern and contemporary brands you recognize and love. You can also explore the entire range of beds products or quickly sort your shopping experience by choosing the filters that match your style, needs, and design goals.


A place to sleep and a place to preserve – a bed and an inbuilt wardrobe are the essential requirements of a bedroom. Even somebody with a confined range of clothes desires to keep them organized and far from dust. A wardrobe, or an almirah, not only satisfy this simple want but also secures your treasures and keeps curious eyes at bay.

There are lots of aspects you should focus on before defining what sort of wardrobe design would be the proper match for you. Just due to the fact you like how it appears does not satisfy its cause in your area and need. Keep these three fundamentals in mind while making up your mind.

Storage requirement: The variety of human beings using the wardrobe and the number of gadgets that need to shape inner dictate the type of dresser you can buy.

Do you choose to hold garments folded or on hangers? Do you need drawers or open cabinets that allow more flexibility? Do you want locked compartments for safe-preserving? Make a listing to slim down your selections.

Available area: The size of the room once the bed is placed may be a determining component in choosing a cloth cabinet design. For smaller rooms, a sliding wardrobe will offer masses of garage area.

Modular Wardrobe Layout: Modern homes have both smooth and minimalist furnishings. Wooden wardrobe designs falling under the modern trend. It will suit right into your space and will require minimum upkeep. Mirror panels on the cloth cabinet door double up as a wardrobe while making the room appear big and brighter

3.Dressing Table

Whether you’re within the middle of a makeover to your room, refurbishing your house. Or certainly searching for shopping for a brand new piece for the bedroom, a wooden almirah could be a super addition for your bedroom interiors.

In the past days, human beings prepped themselves in front of big conceitedness mirrors at a dressing table. This stylishness exists even now, and dressing tables in recent times must be multi-functional and compact. Discover dressing desk photographs at Onyx Interiors to find one which fits your private home.

Modern Bathroom

Good bathrooms have a few things in common. They get the coloration scheme proper. In an entire bathroom renovation, interest is paid to style and consistency, and consequently, every feature is a part of a bigger picture, from the sink and bath to the tiniest bathroom accessories.

If you need support regarding your modern bathroom design, big or small, experts at Onyx Interiors will quickly help you out. We provide you with the idea that assists you in designing or renovating a big or small bathroom. You can pick the right color and fabric needed to make your bathroom a better region.

While designing your bathroom, it’s an excellent concept to consider specific key components like size, the colors to be used, the region of functions like the sink, shower or tub and the use of natural (or synthetic) light. If your children use the bathroom, you want to be cautious about using cleansing marketers and different chemicals. Also, it is a good idea to feature decorative wallpaper or accessories to maintain expenses low and hold aesthetics.

Designing a smaller bathroom is always more complicated than larger areas, but this has to no longer prevent owners from experimenting with excessive first-rate small bathroom design. Small bathroom ideas consist of the clever use of lights and shade to make smaller areas as welcoming and give the influence of the area. Arranging the tools neatly can also make smaller bathrooms clean to apply. For example, the tub and shower can be matched while establishing a nook sink. Using the right tile designs can also be an excellent way to make the maximum of a small space.