Vastu for a house (also known as Vastu for Home) involves
 Right direction of bathroom, kitchen, bedroom
 Placements of cooking gas, kitchen & restroom water tap, kitchen
 Various other items that are placed in the house

Onyx Interior Vastu consultant helps you to identify the factors that create an
energy imbalance in your home. Factors associated to directions and
placements of various structures may be responsible for this imbalanced
energy. Imbalanced energy can lead to multiple problems.

Being the leading Vastu Consultant in Pune, Onyx Interiors is here to give
counselling for all those who aspire to design their Home Interiors and
Commercial Spaces in the most appropriate way, with optimal utilization of
high-value spaces available.

We strongly believe that the most crucial success factor in life is a formal
method towards all that we perform/take up. We also are conscious that in
present scenarios, people tend to fall into the traps of myths and blind beliefs.

Vastu for House

Home is a place where a human gets to rest, relax, and spend time with loved
ones and friends. It is a place where we treasure many memories and
emotional moments with our near and dear ones.

If your home atmosphere is not harmonious and comfortable, it may impact
your overall well-being, happiness, prosperity, and health.

 Do you feel relaxed and refreshed after coming back home from work?
 Are you on good terms with your family members?
 Are you enjoying a healthy life, and do you get sound sleep at night?
 Are you doing well financially?

If the above is true, then your house must be facing an energy imbalance.