Vastu Consulting Essentials


1. Pre- production

It is recommended that one plays a Bhumi Pooja (worshipping the earth) before starting the residence creation. This is considered an auspicious beginning and heralds an excellent start to the court cases.

2. House Entrance

East is the most auspicious course for the entrance of a domestic. This is due to the fact the sun rises inside the east and is stated to usher in wonderful power and light into the household. The other suitable route that the house entrance can face is toward the North East.

3. Kitchen region

The South-East corner of the residence is the maximum best one for the kitchen’s place and cooking supposedly have to be done at the same time as facing the East. However, please endure in thoughts that the kitchen must no longer be positioned directly in front of the main door of the house.

4. Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom has to be positioned on the South West nook of an East-dealing with domestic. From our angle, if you observe (2) and (3), you’ll make sure that you can sleep soundly without having to allow the aroma or the noise accompanying the cooking to wake you up. Square and rectangular shaped bedrooms are endorsed so that you can depart the avant-garde creation to the other sections of the house.

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